M&G – The integrated analysis of the experience with investment services

The case study illustrates how UtLab supported M&G Investments – a leading company in the financial sector – in the exploration of the experience of all the players involved in the offer and in the investment processes.

Our involvement with the different actors of the experience

The selection, offer and relationship with the customer in the financial sector of investment funds represents a complex and delicate path with different players inside it.

The objective of the research was to understand the behaviors, motivations and needs of each of them to reconstruct the supply scenario.

Seven group interviews were conducted with the support of stimulus materials, involving 15 private clients, 13 private bankers and 10 financial advisors and seven remote interviews with managers of institutional clients, banks, and insurance companies.

The multiplicity of actors has made it possible to frame the customer journey through the different points of view, imagining intervention proposals in some “moments of matter” of the service.

The research was presented and told through the words of the protagonists of the research summarized in 4 personas and 3 customer journey maps and an opportunity map, elaborated in Italian and English.

Who is M&G Investments

It is a British savings and investment firm that has been in business for over 170 years. Today it is a global leader in offering investment funds and wealth and insurance management with the aim of building effective experiences for different types of clients.

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M&G – The integrated analysis of the experience with investment services