Ricardo Motorcycle
Designing the motorcycle of the future

In this case study we will show how Paolo Lorini and UtLab assisted Ricardo Motorcycle in applying a human-centred approach to orientate the development of the new motorcycle models targeted at an international customer.

Our involvement and objectives

Ricardo Motorcycle reached out to Paolo Lorini and UtLab to answer some key questions, helpful in defining the features of the largecapacity motorcycles to be designed for the European market in the course of the following 5 years. UtLab carried out a market understanding research in three European countries, aimed at describing a customer journey associated with the purchase of a motorcycle, identifying the people’s expectations regarding the future products and evaluating what was perceived by the current top brands, including the client’s brand.

The key points of the project UtLab collaborated on, were as follows:

  • setting the lay-out of the research in three different countries in the framework of the main European markets
  • identification of sample persons to be engaged through the activity of remote information collection with the internal representatives of Ricardo Motorcycle and the international customers
  • identification of the criteria to be applied when selecting the participants and recruiting them
  • individuation of the research questions and structuring the discussion thread for the presenter
  • carrying out and coordinating the sessions in three European countries
  • involvement of the participants in the practical activities related to customer journey building and creation of the new model of a perfect motorbike
  • analysis of results and delivering a report featuring the archetypes of the bikers and the journey map across three European countries as well as the infographics of the motorbikes of the future.

The insights originating from this market understanding research, carried out by UtLab, were used by Ricardo Motorcycle and Paolo Lorini for the activities of product strategy and design direction, targeted at the international customer.

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Engaging people in order to design the motorcycle of the future: Ricardo Motorcycle study case

About Paolo Lorini

Paolo Lorini is an independent consultant and advisor in design strategy, management, communication. His activity is focused on structuring, developing and delivering projects of business design, service design, identity strategy and branding, design for experience, industrial design, envisioning and innovation.

About Ricardo Motorcycle

Ricardo Motorcycle provides its clients with the motorcycle design and engineering services including all the stages of the process: from defining the specifications to building the prototypes, from development to rollout support.