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2020: Global health and and wellbeing.
An international research

Health, fitness and wellbeing are trending topics all around the world. Achieving a better health status has never been of more interest. The health, wellbeing and fitness markets are growing and with the current global COVID-19 situation during which people must self-isolate, self-guided health optimization is soaring.

The impetus for this research is the desire to explore whether the motivations for maintaining and optimizing one’s mental and physical health and personal wellbeing differ between countries and cultures. We are equally interested to understand what impact, if any, COVID-19 and the associated restrictions has had on people’s attitudes towards this topic.

We wanted to investigate whether as a result of the changes in the way we live during this time, people’s health behavior has changed and how it might differ between countries and cultures.

We conducted 128 remote in-depth interviews with participants across 15 different countries.

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